Plan Management

Plan Management enables you to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan so that you get to live your best life with the best opportunities.

We help you to manage your finances in your NDIS Plan. It provides you with choice and control over how you use your NDIS budget with our support we can help manage your funds and pay your bills. 


Supported Holidays

Holidays are an excellent way to achieve goals, independence, social participation, health or wellbeing. Supported holidays provided by Urcare And Support Services are designed to provide you with a vacation to remember.

Want a trip to the beach? Or perhaps you are interested in exploring new places? We can plan supported holidays for you as you like. With Urcare And Support Services Holiday plans, you can visit new places, enjoy new experiences, and tick items off your bucket list.

Group/Centre Based Activities

This program aims to provide an atmosphere that incorporates social inclusion and interaction programs within groups.

These are specially designed to meet participant’s needs to make them feel important and comfortable within their surroundings. These Group and Centre based Activities are supported by support workers and include skill developing activities such as:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music 
  • Games
  • Cooking 
  • Sports
  • Dance
  • Gardening
  • Movies

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination team has a successful track record in helping participants based on your unique needs.

This program is designed to help you to ensure that you get the most out of your NDIS funding package. Our Support Coordinators work with you to explore options that are open to you and suggest how you can access other supports that you might need. We have established trustworthy and reliable relationships with our clients to support their goals.

Physical Wellbeing Activities

Physical wellbeing is a vital component when it comes to living a happy, healthy life. We strive to keep you healthy and smiling through our wellbeing activities.

This service encourages activities that support, maintain or increase physical mobility or well-being, including personal training or exercise physiology. This service can be funded by NDIS where the physical and wellbeing challenges are directly attributable to the participant’s disability and can assist them to actively participate in the community.


Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities

Building Strong Connections and Independence

Through our Participation in Innovative Social & Civic Activities program, we help you build strong relationships in your community as well as make you more independent. Such participation helps you realise your potential for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. 

At Urcare And Support Services, we encourage participants to engage in community, social and recreational activities. We can help you connect with others in the community, support you in the activities you enjoy while also developing new skills.

Embrace a Fulfilling Life Through Community Engagement

Join URCare Support Services today and unlock a world of opportunities. Connect with like-minded individuals, pursue your passions and explore new horizons. Let us support you on your journey towards building a vibrant and fulfilling life. Contact us now to get started!

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

We understand participants’ need for support when using items in their household due to their limited mobility. Urcare Support Services is here to help you with disability assistive products or items that can help with your everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering, etc.

Assistive products for household tasks include:

  • Handrails or a ramp 
  • Alarms and doorbells
  • Pressure mattresses 
  • Assistive devices for dishwashing and cleaning
  • Environmental control units (ECUs) 
  • Myoelectric prosthetic 
  • Implant speech processors

Household Tasks

At Urcare and Support Services, our support includes performing essential daily tasks that participants are not able to perform independently. We help participants develop and maintain a clean, safe, and pleasant living environment around them. 

Our assistance with day-to-day activities includes:

  • Meal preparation
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • Cleaning 
  • Laundry
  • Shopping 
  • And more

Development of Daily Living & Life Skills

Development Life Skills is designed to help with a participant’s daily life skills. It not only develops daily living skills but also aims to develop special personality development life skills, development of behavioural life skills and daily living support services. 

Urcare And Support Services focuses on training and development activities of the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible. This service includes:

  • Road safety
  • Using public transport
  • Using technology and Software
  • Money handling
  • Joining local groups based on your interests
  • Visiting local community centres
  • Paying bills
  • Dealing with mail

Innovative Community Participation

This program is designed to support NDIS participants to develop skills to actively participate in their community. Urcare And Support Services provides community-based support for participants, where they are encouraged to achieve their goals by accessing skills-based learning, recreation and social activities.

This service includes activities such as:

  • Attending Libraries
  • Art / cooking classes
  • Recreation sports
  • Training and Education
  • Employment Preparation
  • Travel and Route Information
  • Swimming
  • Volunteering
  • Social events